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11 months 2 weeks ago #1560 by Tony
ABC Newlands Corner was created by Tony
On Sunday .Phil,Neil and myself set off to go to Brooklands to the motorcycle day on our ABC's ,I said we would stop at Newlands Corner to check the bikes,and we did ,where i produced a photo copy of the  photograph thats on the forward page  of  the ABC booklet .The '5 people ascending newlands corner in the sidecar outfit ' photo .Well ! not wanting to get run over ,and with the lack of a 4th person to take a photo of the three of us "ascending Newlands corner we opted for a photo in the car park instead .And here is the result .
Thank you to every one involved to make sunday such a great day ,from saturday afternoon with 4 ABC's in my garden lots of chat, to sunday evening when it was all done ,the test hill x 2 the parade ,the ride there and back all fab ! 

Tony NC 2216

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