ABC Cars, Aero engines and the Robin aeroplane


8 years 6 months ago #74 by Bertie Carleton
ABC V 4 was created by Bertie Carleton
Hi I have an ABC V4 engine in running order, I would like to no more about it.
I have attached some photos.



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8 years 5 months ago #78 by gioorl
Replied by gioorl on topic ABC V 4
Hello Bertie,
I have never seen one of these engines but reading through J.Kim Siddorn's book (From Somme to Beverley by way of Sunderland)there are quite a lot of pictures and is described as follows:
"In 1950, Blackburns began production of the Beverley transport aircraft, the last being supplied to the RAF in 1958, less than fifty aircraft being produced. It carried an aluminium bodied APU which enclosed a 743cc vee four ABC unit, the Mark 100, called "The Bee". It produced 19bhp at 3,900rpm & generated 200amps at 28 volts DC. They do not appear to have been used in any other aircraft."
I don't know if Kim still has the original manual and service instructions but I'd doubt he got rid of them.
There's probably another engine fitted on a reconstruction of "A.V.Roe's first aircraft". Maybe the Brooklands guys can tell you if it's still at the museum.
Kim also reports "There were probably less than 80 built & they must have cost a fortune to make in the first place, the engine marked the end of a line of Auxiliary Power Units that had clear lines of development through two world wars and nearly sixty years of RAF service. The days of the piston APU were over."

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