Skootamota oil pressure valve.

7 months 3 days ago #1651 by DeepDiver
Skootamota oil pressure valve. was created by DeepDiver
Hi. My oil pump on my Skootamota is not building up pressure.

on close inspection it seems to be a soft felt washer not sealing in the pressure tube.

it is thickness =2mm.   OD = 14 mm.   ID = 6 mm

does anyone have 2 spare or know where I can get them from.

also my AMAC carb with the float chamber cap which is internally  threaded is missing its tickler. Can any one help out.

finally drive chains.  My is so stretched that I’ve run out of adjustment and if I take out a link it’s too short! Does any one have a spare or can put me onto a supplies.

many thanks Neil.

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