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Dear ABCers

Recently, I attended a motorcycle gathering with my machine and met a Gentleman who had what he thought was an ABC framed special. I have since been sent some pictures and words which I thought the community would be intersted in.

The owner's description is that the "ABC frame forms part of my 1929 Shaw Special the only one ever built by a Mr. John Shaw in Leeds, UK. I am the proud owner of AW 6769 first registered with the DVLA in the UK in 1931 and I also have and own the patents for this machine also dated 1931. It basically consists of what I believe to be a 1925 ABC frame therefore of Gnome & Rhone manufacture, the number on the head stock is as far as I can ascertain is 33534083. The front forks and wheels are AJS. The engine and drive train is a 1926 Austin 7, 4 cylinder, 750cc, car engine coupled to a Austin 7, 3 speed gear box with a reverse gear. The drive shaft is coupled to what I believe could be an early BMW worm and gear wheel final drive".

The frame is not an ABC item as it lacks the side car mounting holes on the left hand side and the owner of the Shaw Special felt that the ABC frame simply too small for the Austin engine and gearbox. I was told that the patents mentioned above were for the use of a car engine in a motorcycle application and for safety features such as linked brakes and double control cable throughout. An intersting machine none the less and below are some pictures for you all to enjoy.




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