Skootamota Chain case and flywheel cover

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Skootamota Chain case and flywheel cover was created by nicholson
Hello all
I was recently given an original flywheel cover and chain case to copy. I have managed to successfully recreate and i have a spare set available to anyone interested. I can also get more sets made up on request as the sheet metal company i use, already have the measurements. The wall of the steel is slightly thicker at 0.8mm, which is 0.2mm thicker than the originals. I have also managed to solder my parts together, but i am not the best at soldering, but with a tidying up, it will look like new. 

I am after a couple more parts for my Skootamota, which include an exhaust and seat and seat pillar, therefore, i am happy to discuss trades or part exchanges for these parts.

I can supply to you in sheet form, with bends, brackets etc for you to solder yourselves for £180 + postage to the UK
Or i can solder together for you, and have posted to UK for £280 = postage

You can contact me via email - info@
Or UK 07445380721

Naturally overseas postage will cost slightly more
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