May Round-up

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Dear ABCers

Now that we are close to the end of May and the weather improved so that we can all get out and about, I thought I would summaries my travels on EK1496.

7th May. Attended the VMCC static display at the Breamore House Steam Rally. A 36 mile round trip from home. EK was the oldest bike or car by some years and was only challenged in age by a stationary engine from 1906 and the tractions engines. Only issues on the trip was the loss of a brass spark plug thumbwheel somewhere on the top of the New Forest and a loose mudguard stay bolt. Engine over oiling a little with oil present all over the engine.

17th May. Took the day off and went to the VMCC /Norton Owners Club ride in at the Sammy Miller Museum. 50 miles round trip this time. No mechanical issues and the oil feed backed off a bit to keep the engine nice and clean. Lots of interest in EK. Met a young chap who owns an ABC, but had never seen another one, let alone seen one actually move! This trip did confirm that saddle currently fitted to EK is really hard and that the range is limited until to about 20 miles before my backside goes numb!

27th May. Attended the breakfast meet organised by Vintage Tyres at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu. A mere 18 miles round trip from home. A wonderfully bright morning and a very pleasant ride through the Forest on fairly bumpy roads. However, not a problem for the wonderful ABC suspension despite running on beaded edge tyres at 40psi and the aforementioned hard saddle (Top tip, sit further back off the edge of the seat. Much better).

28th May. Went to the local Pride & Joy Vehicle Meet at Exbury. 26 miles this time. A reasonable ride through the Forest this time although the roads were much busier. Had to do an emergency stop when a car pulled out in from of me. Happy to say that the brakes were OK and control was kept throughout. Got into a discussion with a chap, who had a TR5, about his childhood holidays in a caravan in Essex where he had an ABC fuel Tank with Enots Oiler as a plaything (he used at as a boat) until it rusted through. No issues with EK and my gear changes are getting a bit better (less crunchy).

I was quite surprised to see that I had covered 130 miles with EK this month. How far has everyone else travelled?


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