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Title:New Cylinder Barrel LH&RH

New Cylinder Barrel LH E402 and RH E404 for sale. The barrels are beautifully made from EN8 and come in three sizes. Bored and Ground 68.0mm and 68.5mm and Rough Bored to 67.7mm. The standard H...A Piston will fit without any modification in standard 68MM or  second oversize 68.5mm.  There is a Gudgeon Pin modification required and we can help you with this as well.There are also other piston options available,. I suggest a hone before assembly for finish only. These cylinders have been well tested in the DJ Rally. 

I also have a set of ABC Gnome Rhone Cylinders 68.5mm Metric available

I would prefer to swap these Cylinders for ABC Sopwith and ABC Gnome Rhone parts that you may have and I am not particularly worried if the swap is not totally equitable. The price is GBP 145.00 each for the Bored and Ground cylinders and GBP135.00 each for the unfinished bore. I am prepared to sell them in LH or RH only. The price does not include Postage and Packing.

Please contact Peter Gillespie

In Gloucestershire Please contact Paul Button



Category:For Sale
Location:UK AND South Africa
Item Condition:New
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