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Title:New Rear Spring AF515

New Rear Spring Complete AF515. Spring Steel , Heat Treated. I have made sets for Sopwith and Gnome Rhone ABCs. The Sopwith are 25mm wide and the Gnome Rhone are 30mm wide. The Sopwith have an ECoat and the Gnome Rhone have a GunCote Coating. Normally on the Gnome Rhone they would be Nickel Plated. The price is GBP 110.00 per side and two sides are required for the Rear. I am prepared to sell any, top leaf, a main leaf or any bottom leaf seperatly. The price excludes p&p. Now also available is a set of Gnome Rhone Rear springs Nickel Plated GBP 350.00 for the set of two see picture.

Peter Gillespie

Category:For Sale
Location:South Africa
Item Condition:New
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