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An unusual ABC find

2 weeks 5 days ago #1342 by Andrew Kelsey
Replied by Andrew Kelsey on topic An unusual ABC find

The V-4 crankshaft is indeed from a Bee engine and was salvaged by me from the factory in 1971 together with various other Ridley/Bee ancillaries. I have not as yet seen a complete Bee unit although the Woking ATC apparently had a couple in the 1970s. I thought Bob Thomas had one, or the makings of one, and hence I passed a number of bits and pieces of Ridley and Bee units on to him. I also salvaged four or five Ridley units of which Bob had one, Bill Boddy had one for his Welsh Motor Museum (since sold), one I think went to a friend in the Outer Hebrides and I kept one for quite some time before I sold that a few years ago. I still have a few Ridley ancillaries which will no doubt end up at Brooklands in due course. I thought Bob also had my spare 12/40hp Supersports engine which should be somewhere in the store!

Keep Beevering.

Looked again at the ammo. box with the Bee engine spares:

crankshaft, 2 cylinder barrels, two cylinder heads a new Solex and a cracked inlet manifold flange :

No sign of a SuperSport engine.

However, we were very pleased to find two new- looking SkootaMota wheels with good tyres hidden under some packaging material.

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2 weeks 5 days ago #1343 by Lillebror
Replied by Lillebror on topic An unusual ABC find
It is interesting to hear of a Supersports engine. I have the ex Hales car, the only I know. If it is possible I would like put the engine in the same ownership as the car. After blowing the engine in a race meeting I hade to make new cylinders and find new pistons that could be modified. The rebuild is completed to a very good result.

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