None of us Band of Brothers, we ABC Nuts, were born with this Exclusive Status: we acquired it later, in mature life.

But How?

You are invited to recount briefly here, your own Transformative Event.

Here's mine:-

In 2011 I became aware of a Sopwith, only two crows-flight miles away. Contact with its owner brought me in due course to his largish garage floor, evenly strewn with pieces of tired, coroded metal and other bits. Four grand changed hands, and the debris (yes, this was the Sopwith) was tipped into the back of my capacious car.

On the way home, a large question mark appeared before my eyes: what had I done? If it had been up-and-together and running, I would never have given 4k. for it, it just wasn't my sort of machine. But then it hit me on the head: it was the CHALLENGE that I couldn't resist, of transmuting this mass of tired iron into a working motorcycle!

A year and a half later, my target was achieved: and with it, full ABC nut-hood!